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“ My thanks to the excellent work that Foreseeson Technology has done as a prime contractor for IRDI System since 2010. In the past nine years, IRDI has experienced significant growth in volume and in types of products. As the sole prime contractor for IRDI, Foreseeson sources parts, performs PCA assembly, top level integration and testing. It has achieved FPY better than 99% and the field failure rate products is less than 1%. Foreseeson also helps us with the quality audit periodically as required for our explosion proof products. Once again, I like to thank-you and your team for the excellent work in the past and we look forward to prosperous working relationship in the coming years.” – Edward Li - GM, IRDI Systems.

Change Healthcare

“Have been working with Foreseeson since 2008, Foreseeson have proven to have the expertise to manufacture and produce products with quality. People at Foreseeson are friendly, committed and willing to do what they can to help their customers to be successful. As a Purchasing Manager, nothing is more important than having a win/win partnership.” – Tracy Chau at Change Healthcare Canada

Confidential Client

“We have been a client of Foreseeson Technology since 2015. Foreseeson manufactures LED products and is now our primary manufacturer. We have been quite pleased with the quality and efficiency that Foreseeson has provided time and time again, particularly in times where we experience spikes in production and can rely on Foreseeson to meet our growing demands. Foreseeson offers us a dedicated, flexible, and cost-effective solution to our manufacturing and warehousing needs, which allows us to focus on other important aspects of our business.”